A Note on Advertising by Telecommunications Service Providers

In order to protect consumer interest and to preserve the good image of the telecommunications industry, the Telecommunications Authority ("TA") has issued various industry Codes of Practice (see http://www.ofta.gov.hk/code/main.html) setting out the guiding principles in relation to the provision and promotion of telecommunications services.

Public telecommunications operators must, in promoting or advertising their services , ensure compliance with Section 7M of the Telecommunications Ordinance (Cap. 106) (see http://www.ofta.gov.hk/frameset/legislation_index_eng.html). Where price claims (such as offers of specific rates, tariff plans or service packages) are made in advertising or consumer information are requested in the course of business, particular attention shall be drawn to the "Code of Practice on the Handling of Customers' Deposits and Prepayments of Charges - 2001" and the "Code of Practice on Protection of Consumer Information for Fixed and Mobile Service Operators -2002" issued by TA.