June 06 , 2012

CABLE TV to Carry London Olympics in 3D Live

i-CABLE Communications Limited announces today that local viewers will be able to watch for the first time extensive live broadcasts of the Olympics in 3D for TV format.

As exclusive Official Broadcaster of the Summer Games, this thrilling initiative further attests to i-CABLE's commitment to provide viewers with the most comprehensive and extensive coverage of the Games making full use of the best available technologies in step with leading broadcasters across the world.

During the Olympics period (27 July to 12 August), CABLE TV has designated its hd 204 as the channel for carrying the unprecedented coverage of various exciting competitions in 3D live.

The live 3D coverage spans a total of 17 days with over 10 hours of Games programming everyday totaling more than 200 hours. Professional commentary in English provided by organisers would be carried. Live programming includes (in Hong Kong time):

Opening Ceremony (2:15am, 28 July)
Closing Ceremony (2:45am, 13 August)
Swimming (28 July to 2 August)
Artistic Gymnastics (28 July to 3 August; 6 to 8 August)
Diving (30 July to 2 August; 4 to 11 August)
Athletics (4 to 12 August)
Rhythmic Gymnastics (10 to 12 August)
selected event of Canoe Slalom, Water Polo, and Trampoline


* Daily schedules pending organisers' confirmation

CABLE TV customers subscribing to the 'BPL, Sports & Entertainment HD Pack' and 'BPL & Sports HD Pack' can watch the 3D programming without any additional charge on their 3D TVs. The same programming will be available in SD on Channel 64.

- End -



i-CABLE London 2012 Olympics Cross-platform Coverage


Minimum four designated HD channels. (simulcast in SD)

- Two main channels broadcasting self-produced live programmes in Cantonese around the clock.
- One channel for live telecast of men's and women's soccer matches.
- hd 204 for 3D programming produced by the International Olympics Committee.

CABLE No.1 Channel (details to be announced soon)


Extensive live programming and archived footages on www.i-cable.com.


Mobile Platform:

Extensive live programming and footages will be available for free on smart devices using i-CABLE's 'joemud?' mobile app.