August 2 , 2010

BPL returns to CABLE TV on August 14
new BPL packs boost 3 HD & 6 SD channels

(August 2, 2010 - Hong Kong) Barclays Premier League (BPL) is returning to CABLE TV on August 14.

Subscribers can view all 380 live matches per season on our newly launched BPL platform, which provides both HD and SD services.

The new BPL platform comprises the "HD BPL Pack" and the "BPL Pack" to cater to the different requirements of subscribers.


The "HD BPL Pack" comprises three HD channels - hd201, hd202 and hd203 - at the start of the season, via which over 200 matches (simulcast on SD channels) will be carried in this season. The HD BPL platform will be expanded during the season with the addition of more channels.

Subscribers of the "HD BPL Pack" will enjoy the non-HD BPL matches on the new SD channels 304 - 306. In other words, they will enjoy LIVE broadcast of all 380 matches of the season.

BPL Pack

The "BPL Pack", meanwhile, is tailor-made for non-HD subscribers.

The "BPL Pack" platform comprises six new channels (Ch. 301 to 306) to ensure that viewers will enjoy LIVE broadcast of all 380 matches of the season. Channel 301 is a round-the-clock channel.

At today’s press conference, Hong Kong Cable Television Limited Senior Vice President Vincent Cheung unveiled details of the new BPL packages.

The "HD BPL Pack" is available to CABLE TV Basic Pack subscribers at a promotion price of HK$80 per month for 24-month subscription contract.

Apart from BPL live matches and programmes, the HD platform also carries other premium sports events, including BPL, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, German Bundesliga, and PGA Tour etc.

The "BPL Pack", meanwhile, is available to CABLE TV Basic Pack subscribers at a monthly fee HK$50 for 24-month subscription contract.

Subscribers of both packages are guaranteed to view all 380 matches LIVE in each season.

CABLE TV is also launching a "HD Trial Offer" for new subscribers to experience the BPL excitement for a one off fee of HK$600, plus installation fee of HK$600 (total HK$1,200).

Trial Offer subscribers can enjoy HD BPL live match on the BPL platform (3 HD channels) during a fixed period - from season kick-off on 14 Aug 2010 to 13 Jan 2011.

If they upgrade to the Basic Pack and subscribe to the "HD PBL Pack" for a 24-month contract before the end of this year, they will have their HK$600 installation fee refunded.

The new BPL packages allow all subscribers and viewers to choose the service package that is most suitable for their interests and needs, said Mr. Cheung.

i-Cable News & Sports Limited Executive Director Ronald Chiu, meanwhile, pointed out, “The multi- channel BPL platform, comprising a host of new HD and SD channels, will enable us to broadcast all 380 matches of the season LIVE, without having to worry about time clashes."

The 2010/11 season will kick off at 7:45 pm on August 14 (Tottenham Hotspur Vs Manchester City) on HD Channel 201 and SD channel 301.

All matches of the BPL ‘Big 4’- Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Liverpool - will be carried on the HD channels (simulcast on the SD channels), with CABLE TV’s famous professional commentary. BPL-related programmes will also be produced in HD format.

Among them, the weekly highlights – the Barclays Premier League Highlights (English version)– will be broadcast on hd 202 and Ch. 302 every Monday night at 6:00 p.m., a day after the finish of each round matches.

The highlight of today’s event was a bus parade to mark the official return of the BPL to the CABLE TV platform.

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