December 30 , 2009

i-CABLE to deliver Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games
on both television and Internet platforms

i-CABLE Communications Limited, the Official Broadcaster of Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, announced today that it will carry the Games on both CABLE TV's programming platform and its website ( in February.

i-CABLE brought live and comprehensive coverage of the Torino Winter Olympics to Hong Kong for the first time in 2006 and the Vancouver Games this time will be delivered in an even bigger scale. Viewers can catch the Olympic action across eight television channels on CABLE TV with details as follows:

  • Four direct feeds from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) at event venues to be carried on four dedicated channels during the Games (Channels 1 to 4)
  • news channel put together by the IOC, featuring event highlights, medal-award ceremonies and interviews with athletes (Channel 5)
  • Live coverage of popular events on selected days and daily highlight programmes on CABLE TV's Sports Channel (Channel 62), featuring the most important events of the day, analysis from sports professionals and results round-up
  • The above six channels will also be carried simultaneously on i-CABLE's multi-media website (
  • Opening and closing ceremonies broadcast in high-definition format on CABLE TV's hd 201 Channel
  • Daily highlight programmes on CABLE No 1 Channel

i-CABLE News Channel will also cover the Games in special daily programmes with hourly updates of the medal chart and progress of events throughout the day.

Mr. Ronald Chiu, Executive Director, i-CABLE Sports Limited, said: "We pioneered comprehensive coverage of the Torino Games in 2006 which was a phenomenal success. No other local television stations had broadcast the Winter Olympic Games in such a comprehensive manner before. The coverage was not only welcomed by local sports fans but also gained us the recognition and trust from the International Olympic Committee."

"We are confident that we can provide an even more comprehensive coverage of this important international sports event in February with expanded channel capacity as well as our experience gained during the last Winter Games and online carriage of the Beijing Olympics in 2008," Mr. Chiu continued.

The 2010 Olympic Winter Games will be held in Vancouver between February 12 and 28, during which athletes will compete in 15 events. It will be the curtain-raiser for CABLE TV's parade of Sports programmes in 2010, with the UEFA Champions League entering knock-out stage in February, followed by the FIFA World Cup in June, the English Premier League when the new football season opens in August and the Asian Games towards the end of the year.

"It will be a busy year for us to bring all these exclusive events to our viewers but with our expanded channel capacity and high definition television capability, I have no doubt it will be a windfall year for sports fans on our service," Mr Chiu added.

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