August 18, 2008

i-CABLE's Exclusive Olympic Portal Scores with 100 Million Hits

i-CABLE's historic live coverage of the Olympics on the web has drawn phenomenal response in Hong Kong with its dedicated portal recording 100 million hits and delivered close to 10 million video streams to viewers in the first 10 days of the Games.

i-CABLE's New Media Development Controller, Mr Alan Cheung, said today events played during daytime with participation by Chinese athletes have been most popular for live coverage. Yesterday alone, the video clip showing Liu Xiang pulling out from the men's 110m hurdles because of injury recorded over 10,000 hits within an hour after it was put on the portal.

"We are greatly encouraged by the response. And we have been expanding our network capacity and fine-tuning our software to meet increasing demands as the Games draws on," Mr. Cheung added.

The i-CABLE Olympic website boasts four live channels (including two highlights channels) and a rich library that has already stocked over 1,000 video clips, on top of up-to-minute information updates on the event, enabling "anytime, anywhere" access to the Olympics via the Internet.

"This is the first time we are providing live coverage of a big-scale sporting events with tournaments throughout the day on the web and the results have been successful both in terms of technology and response," Mr Cheung added.

The coverage on the web is provided by a strong contingent of over 100 professionals from i-CABLE's news and sports teams in both Beijing and Hong Kong.

Assistant Controller, Programme & Production, i-CABLE Sports Ltd., Ms Isabelle Tsang, said the team had worked incessantly to provide coverage on the two live channels which together, had provided over 300 hours of live Olympic events to viewers. "We are greatly encouraged by the response which is recognition of the professionalism exhibited by our technical and commentary teams," she added.

The i-CABLE Olympic is open to all viewers free of charge.