January 10, 2008

Al Jazeera English Unveils Partnership with Hong Kong Cable

(Hong Kong, January 10, 2008) Al Jazeera English announces a new deal with one of Asia's leading cable operators, Hong Kong Cable Limited for the channel to land in Hong Kong.

The agreement is yet another step forward for Al Jazeera English's rapid distribution growth - the channel now reaches over 100 million households worldwide. Al Jazeera English is keen to build its presence across Asia and give viewers access to its groundbreaking content. The channel's unique editorial mission to transform the global information flow is supported in Asia by its Kuala Lumpur Broadcast Centre, dozens of Asian bureaux and correspondents plus household names including news anchors Veronica Pedrosa and Teymoor Nabili.

Hong Kong Cable is one of Hong Kong's leading subscription television providers and is among the territory's top five media with a firmly established platform in news, movies, sports and general entertainment.

"News has always been our flagship programme and the addition of Al Jazeera will further enhance the width and depth of our news service with the channel's unique content and perspective. I have little doubt that the channel will be welcomed by our viewers," Mr Benjamin Tong, Executive Director of Hong Kong Cable Television Limited, said.

Al Jazeera English is the first English language global news and current affairs channel to be headquartered in the Middle East, in Doha, Qatar. From this unique position the channel is setting the global news agenda with fearlessly objective, impartial and independent journalism. Al Jazeera English's dedicated page on YouTube is home to the website's most watched news channel.

Phil Lawrie, Al Jazeera Network's Director of Global Distribution said, "We are excited about reaching a sizeable new audience in this important market and working with an established and industry-leading partner. This agreement underlines the importance of the Asian region to our next phase of growth and we are looking forward to a long and highly successful relationship with Hong Kong Cable."

Al Jazeera will debut on Hong Kong Cable on January 16, 2008 and will be carried as channel number 34 on the latter's platform.


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About Al Jazeera English

Al Jazeera English is the world's first English language news and current affairs channel to be headquartered in the Middle East. Broadcasting from within the Middle East, looking outwards, Al Jazeera English sets the news agenda and acts as a bridge between cultures. With unique access as the channel of reference for Middle East events, and broadcast centres strategically placed around the world in Doha, Kuala Lumpur, London and Washington DC, Al Jazeera English balances the information flow from South to North, providing accurate, impartial and objective news for a global audience from a grass roots level, giving voice to different perspectives from under-reported regions around the world.

Al Jazeera English is building on the ground-breaking heritage of its sister Arab-language channel - Al Jazeera, which was responsible for changing the face of news within the Middle East, now extending that fresh perspective from regional to global.

Visit www.aljazeera.net/english for more details.

For further Information on Al Jazeera English, please contact the press office on: Email: press.int@aljazeera.net


About Hong Kong Cable

Launched in 1993, Hong Kong Cable Television Ltd set the trend of multi-channel pay-television service for Hong Kong. It currently produces over 10,000 hours of programming a year and is one of the largest pay television operators and content providers in Hong Kong.

Throughout the years, it has successfully established a leading position in News, Movies and Sports television programming, providing top rate programmes to individual consumers, mobile operators as well as commercial places and public transportation system.

For more information on Hong Kong Cable Television, please contact Mr Danny Lo, 852-2112 6916 or e-mail: dlo@cabletv.com.hk