January 03, 2006

i-CABLE Announces
New Corporate and Programming Initiatives to Scale New Height

(January 3, 2006 - Hong Kong) i-CABLE Communications Limited (i-CABLE) has implemented a package of corporate re-organisation and programming initiatives to further enhance its competitiveness and to facilitate its further expansion in the market.

Details of the corporate re-organisation was announced by Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, i-CABLE Communications Ltd., Mr. Stephen T.H. Ng, at a ceremony celebrating the launching of new-look CABLE TV news and movie platforms.

Explaining the rationale behind the re-organisation, Mr. Ng said, "Our Group has built a successful Pay TV business in Hong Kong around unique channels and programmes which we ourselves produced. We are now ready to enter the next phase of our development.

"To this end, we are pleased to announce our re-organisation which is designed to facilitate the development of new markets and revenue streams for our channels and programmes, as well as to better position ourselves to respond to changing market needs," Mr. Ng said.

Taking effect on January 1 this year, the re-organisation involved the formation of three wholly-owned operating subsidiaries -- i-CABLE News Limited, i-CABLE Sports Limited and i-CABLE Entertainment Limited, grouped under i-CABLE Media Limited.

"i-CABLE News and i-CABLE Sports will henceforth operate our news and sports programming platforms, respectively; they will be headed by Mr. Ronald Chiu. i-CABLE Entertainment will operate our entertainment platform and will be headed by Mr. Siuming Tsui," Mr. Ng continued.

In addition to catering to the needs of their primary customer, i.e. Hong Kong Cable Television Limited, these new companies will also explore new customers, new business opportunities and new revenue streams more proactively, Mr. Ng said.

"The re-organisation is intended to make our various operations units more focused on their respective tasks. It will enhance the role of the three TV channel operations as individual content providers, increase their flexibility in drawing up their own market and business strategies for further expansion of our content services to other markets," said Mr. Ng.

The new structure adds a new dimension to the Groups potential markets by leveraging on the Group's content production capability, which has always been one of the group's many strengths, he said.

"With the re-organisation, the Group as a whole will emerge more robust in meeting new challenges," Mr. Ng added.

The celebration ceremony today also marked the re-launch of CABLE TV's premier news and movie platforms, showcasing highlights of new contents and programmes that will further enhance the strengths of the two platforms respectively as the most comprehensive news & information provider and the strongest movie empire in town.

Effective today, Cable News 1 and Cable News 2 become Cable Finance & Info Channel and Cable News Channel respectively to more accurately reflect the sharper focuses and expanded coverage of CABLE TV's news channels.

Cable News Channel (Ch. 9) brings to viewers round-the-clock professional newscasts with full coverage of local and international breaking events while Cable Finance & Info Channel (Ch. 8) focuses on the most up-to-date financial information during trading hours, with analyses that decode the trends of the markets, and supplemented by documentaries and current affairs programmes during non-trading hours.

Live News Channel (Ch. 10), meanwhile, carries major news events such as important press conferences and Legislative Council meetings in full as they happen and Cable Top News Channel (Ch. 7) lets viewers catch up on major breaking news quickly with condensed 10-minute segments.

Together with the Hong Kong Traffic Channel (Ch. 4), Kowloon Traffic Channel (Ch. 5) and the Weather Channel (Ch. 6), the seven-channel core and other news and public affairs channels make CABLE TV's news and information platform the strongest and most comprehensive in town.

CABLE TV's news team also received the annual Chairman Award for outstanding performance during the WTO period in the ceremony today. The non-stop coverage on Cable News, spanning over three channels, has kept members of the public, Government and private institutions, informed on events both outside and inside the meeting venue during the week-long conference.

On the movie side, a round-the-clock channel dedicated to Hollywood movies, HMC (Ch. 40), is officially launched on CABLE TV's basic package today, showcasing such blockbusters as The Recruit, Analyze That, Hot Chick, Bruce Almighty, About Schmidt, The Princess Diaries, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Ghost Ship, Danny the Dog, Willard, Bad Boys II, Amityville Horror, The Matrix Reloaded, Seabiscuits, Final Destination 2, Cradle 2 the Grave, The Matrix Revolutions and Big Fish.

Cable Movie 1 (Ch. 41) will be dedicated to the exclusive broadcast of star-studded big-budgeted local hits including Kung Fu Hustle, Hero, Eye 10, Seoul Raiders, Seven Swords, Lost in Time, Naked Ambition, Golden Chicken 2, Fantasia, Itchy Heart, Everlasting Regret, Initial D, Wait 'Til You're Older, Throw Down, SPL, and Cat Returns.

Cable Movie 2 (Ch. 42) will be showing the best selection of highly-acclaimed quality Asian and international top box-office productions, with titles including Untold Scandal, Crying out Love in the Center of the World, Hana & Alice, Over the Rainbow, Heaven's Bookstore, Clean, My Brother, Lizard Woman, Mean Spirit, Tom Yum Goong and Love, So Divine.

For further information, please contact :
Mr. Danny Lo
Senior External Affairs Manager
Tel : 2112 6916 E-mail : dlo@cabletv.com.hk