November 2, 2005

CABLE TV to give News and Movie Platforms a Big Boost

(November 2, 2005 - Hong Kong) News and movie, two of CABLE TV's premier platforms, will be greeting viewers with new outlooks, new channel names and a big boost in contents and programmes in the new year.

The changes, to become effective on January 3, 2006, will see the current Cable New 1 and Cable News 2 renamed Cable Finance Info Channel and Cable News Channel respectively.

The renaming exercise is designed to more accurately reflect the sharper focuses and expanded coverage of CABLE TV's news channels.

Cable News Channel (Ch. 9) brings to viewers round-the-clock professional newscasts with full coverage of local and international breaking events while Cable Finance Info Channel (Ch. 8) focuses on the most up-to-date financial information, with analyses that decode the trends of the markets, and supplemented by documentaries and current affairs programmes during non-trading hours.

Live News Channel (Ch. 10), meanwhile, carries major news events such as important press conferences and Legislative Council meetings in full as they happen and Cable Top News Channel (Ch. 7) lets viewers catch up on major breaking news quickly with condensed 10-minute segments.

Together with the Hong Kong Traffic Channel (Ch. 4), Kowloon Traffic Channel (Ch. 5) and the Weather Channel (Ch. 6), the seven-channel core and other news and public affairs channels make CABLE TV's news and information platform the strongest and most comprehensive in town.

Meanwhile, exciting changes to the Cable Movie Platform will reinforce the platform's leading position as Hong Kong's strongest movie empire, featuring an unbeatable line-up of mega titles including Perhaps Love; The Promise; and SPL.

Other star-studded big-budgeted local hits for exclusive broadcast on Cable Movie 1 (Ch. 41) will include 49 Days; 2046; Wait Till You're Old; Initial D; Seven Swords; Everlasting Regret; Seoul Raiders; The Eye 10; A Sentimental Journey; and A World Without Thieves.

Cable Movie 2 (Ch. 42) will be showing the best selection of highly-acclaimed quality Asian and international top box-office productions, with titles including Crying Out Love in the Centre of the World; Untold Scandal; My Little Bride; Love, So Divine; My Brother; Hana & Alice; A Moment to Remember; 36 Quai Des Orfevres; Be With You; Clean; Mean Spirit; The Barbarian Invasions; and Immortal.

Cable Hollywood Movie Channel (Ch. 40), meanwhile, will be showcasing such Hollywood blockbusters as The Aviator; Danny the Dog; Around the World in 80 Days; Master and Commander: the Far Side of the World; Bad Boys II; The Matrix Reloaded; Eight Legged Freaks; Looney Tunes: Back in Action; About Schmidt; Big Fish; Legally Blonde 2; Sahara; Hostage; and Super Size Me.

A CABLE TV spokesman said: "News and movie have always been two of the most popular platforms of CABLE TV. The latest revamps further reinforce the leadership positions of these platforms, respectively as the most comprehensive news & information provider and the strongest movie empire in town."