October 2, 2003

CABLE TV Scores Again with Acquisition of
Exclusive Rights to Carry UEFA EURO 2004TM

(Hong Kong, October 2) Hong Kong Cable Television Limited (CABLE TV) announced today that it had secured exclusive broadcasting rights of UEFA EURO 2004 TM.

The tournament, which features the best from European soccer and is held every four years, is widely regarded as the soccer world's most important tournament, next only to the FIFA World Cup. CABLE TV will carry all the 31 matches live during the three-week tournament, to be held in Portugal in June 2004.

This is the third time CABLE TV will carry the tournament exclusively and represents another important programming acquisition by it in recent weeks, hot on the heels following the acquisition of the Spanish Primera Liga. All major European league tournaments are already carried exclusively on the CABLE TV platform and in September, CABLE TV launched a dedicated channel -- Super Soccer Channel -- to accommodate the 500 odd matches a season.

"It is also a recognition of CABLE TV's experience in broadcasting and promoting top-notch sports events. Built on the experience we have amassed in packaging and the investment in production equipment in covering the FIFA World Cup last year, we are confident that we can offer to viewers the most comprehensive coverage of this important tournament next year," CABLE TV's Director, Sports, International and Promotion, Ms Musetta Wu, said.

Building up to the Final tournament next year, CABLE TV has been carrying major matches for the qualifying rounds of EURO 2004TM since October last year. The 15 teams qualified for the Final tournament in Portugal will emerge after one more round of qualifying matches in October and two rounds of play-off among runners-up of the 10 competing groups in November. CABLE TV will carry major matches of the remaining rounds on its Super Soccer Channel.

On November 30, CABLE TV will also carry live the drawing ceremony to be held in Portugal and viewers can learn first hand how their favourite teams are grouped.

The Final Tournament of UEFA EURO 2004TM will be held in eight cities in Portugal between June 12 and July 4 next year. The cities are Lisbon, Porto, Leiria, Guimaraes, Aveiro, Coimbra, Braga and Faro Loule.