August 06, 2002

Italian Soccer League Landed Exclusively on CABLE TV

(Hong Kong August 6, 2002) CABLE TV announced today that it had secured the rights to carry the Italian Soccer League (Serie A) and the English FA Cup exclusively for the coming football seasons. At the same time, CABLE TV will begin carrying live important qualifying matches for the Euro 2004 tournament in October.

The English football season will kick off this Sunday (August 10) with the Community Shield (formerly called Charity Shield) match. The Arsenal vs. Liverpool match will also be carried exclusively on CABLE TV.

Starting from September 1, CABLE Sports Channel (Channel No. 6) will carry four live Italian Soccer League matches every weekend. Together with two taped matches to be aired in mid-week, CABLE TV will carry over 204 matches in the coming seasons.

The new sports carriage deals will complete the line-up of CABLE TV’s football platform, featuring all important European football tournaments which include the “Italian Soccer League”, “German Soccer League”, “English Premier League”, “UEFA Champions League” and also “Spanish Primera Liga.”

Starting from October, CABLE TV will begin carrying the Euro 2004 Qualifying Competition matches live, featuring matches of England, Turkey (second-runner up of the 2002 FIFA World Cup), and Denmark, the former champion and Norway.

In January 2003, CABLE TV will begin carrying English FA Cup matches from the Third Round onwards until the Final in May.