May 28, 2002

Month-long World Cup Excitements and Funs on CABLE TV

With the FIFA 2002 World Cup kicking off on Friday, the official broadcaster of the world's most important football tournament in Hong Kong, CABLE TV, today (Tuesday, May 28) unveiled its multi-million production and coverage arrangements to give Hong Kong viewers a World Cup they have never seen before on local television.

The cable station in Hong Kong will host a month-long World Cup Carnival at the Hong Kong International Trade and Exhibition Centre in Kowloon Bay which has been turned to a giant studio for live shows during the World Cup period. More than 500 audiences will be invited to the carnival on match days to share the excitement and funs during live broadcasts of the matches. They will also be invited to participate in games together with home viewers with prizes including World Cup match tickets worth over HK$10 million.

At a ceremony to open the carnival venue, Chairman of CABLE TV, Mr. Stephen T.H. Ng, said the station will make full use of its digital service, supplemented by the latest computer graphic facilities, to give viewers a unique and brand new experience on World Cup coverage on local television. 

The Manager of CABLE TV's FIFA 2002 World Cup Preparatory Committee, Mr Samuel Tsang said seven CABLE TV channels will be dedicated to the World Cup. He said Channel 6 would be the main World Cup channel with English commentary while viewers can watch multi-camera coverage of matches on Channels 13 and 28. For viewers on digital service, channels 29 to channels 34 will be made World Cup channels. On top of multi-angle coverage, there will also be channels specially devoted to replays and highlights on exciting moments of matches.

Match commentators will deploy the latest computer graphic facilities such as Sportswriter, EVS and Digital Replay to help viewers get a better view of crucial moments of matches, he added. 

To enhance viewers' interests, CABLE TV will also hold a number of games during the World Cup period, enabling interaction among home viewers and audience at the carnival. Prizes include World Cup match tickets, a car and a flat worth up to HK$10 million.

The ceremony today was officiated by Mr Ng; Mr Tsang; Executive Director of CABLE TV's Programming Service, Ms May Fung; Controller of Programme and Promotion, Ms Musetta Wu. CABLE TV's World Cup Ambassador, Canto-Pop idol, Leon Lai, also took part in the ceremony.

The FIFA 2002 World Cup will kick off in South Korea on Friday. CABLE TV will carry live the opening ceremony from 6pm and the first match between France and Senegal will kick off at 7:30 pm, heralding a month-long non-stop football action.