April 19, 2001

GlobalMIF launches “SmartShop to embark on online shopping service

Global Media In Force Limited (GlobalMIF) announced today that it has launched its online shopping platform “SmartShop” (聯動熱賣店), to provide CABLE TV audience and consumers a more efficient and convenient way to buy various multimedia products through ShopSmart.GlobalMIF.com (21126888.com), and thus bringing forth a better quality of life.

“Since the mounting of PCs and broadband network, the demand for multimedia products has been increasing. And a niche market for high quality multimedia products has been emerging too. Leveraging on the on-target promotion platform of CABLE TV, ShopSmart.GlobalMIF.com launches its online shopping service for multimedia products. We would particularly heed to the needs of those intellectual consumers to provide quality multimedia products such as legitimate VCD collections that are scarce even in the current market,” said Mr Samuel Tsang, Chief Operating Officer of GlobalMIF.

The first online exclusive product offered by ShopSmart.GlobalMIF.com is Easyten – a Chinese language input system, which is explored and developed by Easyten Technology Ltd. As for movie VCDs, ShopSmart.GlobalMIF.com has already procured over a hundred titles and anthologized them into more than thirty assortments, including: famous movie series of Brigette Lam (林青霞) & Chan Po Chu (陳寶珠), classical Chinese martial arts film “如來神掌”, the best of Marilyn Monree, Yul Brynner, Elvis Presley & Elizabeth Taylor, “Teletubbies”, “Wallace and Gromit” and other blockbusters, famous TV series, love stories, documentaries, traditional Chinese drama …… etc. Now consumers can simply log on to 21126888.com to buy their favourite legitimate VCD series conveniently.

With regard to the transaction, ShopSmart.GlobalMIF.com has installed a security device and also adopted the SSLSecure Socket Layertechnique to enable encryption on all Internet messages sent by consumers. The confidentiality of consumers’ information is thus warranted, which make possible a safe e-shopping environment. And in alignment with the spirit of “convenience for consumers”, 21126888.com will accept fax order with credit card or cheque payment.

ShopSmart.GlobalMIF.com (21126888.com) is an e-catalogue value platform launched by GlobalMIF early in this year. It provides value-added services for both CABLE TV advertisers and general consumers and aims to become a leading e-Marketplace in Hong Kong.

About Global Media In Force Limited

GlobalMIF is the Exclusive Sales Distributor – Advertising Airtime Sales and International Programme Licensing—of Hong Kong Cable Television Limited. GlobalMIF also markets and distributes multimedia products in Hong Kong.

GlobalMIF is a wholly-owned subsidiary of i-CABLE Communications Limited (i-CABLE) which is listed on both the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code 1097) and NASDAQ (symbol ICAB). i-CABLE is Hong Kong’s only fully integrated communications company that owns and operates the territory’s second largest telecommunications network; creates its own multimedia content; and offers Pay Television and Internet access and content services at the same time.

For further information on Global Media In Force Limited and the i-CABLE Communications Group, please visit GlobalMIF's website at www.GlobalMIF.com .