August 16, 2001

CABLE TV offers the strongest ever channel line up for NEWS, MOVIES and SPORTS programmes!

Following the successful conclusion of an agreement with STAR and ESPN STAR Sports, CABLE TV will carry ESPN, STAR Sports and STAR Movies from August 17, 2001 onwards! The agreement also renews CABLE TV's carriage of National Geographic Channel. Undoubtedly, the new channel line up will enormously strengthen the programme platforms of News, Movies and Sports on CABLE TV!

Along with the agreement, CABLE TV is enabled to capture all the main sporting events around the globe! The new sports channel line up comprising CABLE Sports Channel, ESPN and STAR Sports has bagged all major European Leagues including the live coverage of English Premier League, which will thereafter not be available on local free-to-air terrestrial television. Added to this include World Cup 2002 Qualifying Matches and 64 full live matches of the World Cup Proper, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League, Spanish Primera Liga, NBA, live Golf majors, the Major League Baseball and Grand Slam tennis tournaments…etc. The power of the sports programming array is self-evident indeed!

For movies, the incorporation of STAR Movies on top of the currently available Movie 1, 2, 3 Channels, HBO, Cinemax, AXN, TCM and Cineplex will definitely further enhance the CABLE movie offerings! It makes CABLE TV the first and the only television station in Hong Kong to offer all of the first run blockbusters from local, Hollywood and international studios at the same time!

As for news, CABLE News 1 Channel runs hand-in-hand with CABLE News 2 Channel, which is the only local channel providing up-to-the-minute news 24 hours non-stop, to provide news and public affairs programmes to audience. Together with BBC World, CNNI, CNBC and CCTV, CABLE TV is proud to be the leading news broadcaster for local, mainland as well as global news.

The greatly enhanced News, Movies and Sports programme platforms of CABLE TV has enabled it among the local TV stations to have the strongest ever channel line up! It not only firmly establishes the position of CABLE TV, but also widens its appeal to the quality target audience! And more importantly, an effective promotional vehicle has now been open up for you! Should you want to learn more about this premium selling opportunity, please contact our Sales Executives via 2112 6888. Or you can log on to search for further information.