Advertising Rates


Frequency: Monthly
Publication 28th of each month
Booking Deadline: 3rd of each month
Material Deadline: 14th of each month
Fixed Position Premium: 10%
Agency Commission: 15% on gross after discount
Special Request :

Rates for pre-printed inserts, other non-standard advertising size or special promotions are available on request, but bookings should be confirmed at least 4 weeks before each publication date.

Paper Quality:

Cover: 157 gsm Art Paper
Inside: 58 gsm Low Weight Coated Paper (LWC)

Method of Printing:

Web off-set

Advertising Materials:

Full Page: 4 Colour Ad - Screened colour separated positive films right reading emulsion side down with proofs and mechanicals; B&W Ad - Black & White positive films
Banner Ad: Computer file format - tiff / eps; Resolution - 300 dpi; CMYK (4 Colour Ad) / Grayscale (B&W Ad)


Art Paper: 175 screen line per inch
LWC: 155 screen line per inch

Exclusive Sales Distributor: Hong Kong Cable Enterprises Limited
Business & Sales Enquiry : HK (852) 2112-6888
PRC (86) 132-6816-9628